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 Filter Leaves 


  • leaves reconditioned to original specifications
  • reconditioned leaves are cost effective
  • GFI Design - most cost effective in the industry
  • recondition all sizes, shapes and alloys
  • replacement components:
    - filter cloth              - rivets
    - drainage area        - bolts/nuts
    - frame/binder         - gaskets
    - o-ring plates/spaces
    - nozzle outlets


New and Retrofit:

Greig Filters, Inc. has specialized in pressure leaf filters for numerous industries around the world.
New equipment or filter leaf retrofit and repair with the mission of efficiency and cost accountability
to our customers is the company focus.  Engineering capabilities allow GFI to analyze and recommend
procedures and equipment needed to improve the filtration process.


Typical GFI filter leaf w/ Tubular Slit internal, wire mesh septa and Heavy Duty U Channel binder of 16 ga. SS.
Sizes to 72" wide and 60" T, nozzle seals - 218 o-ring to 235 o-ring 


                         Vertical Filter Leaves                                    3 Ply Wire Mesh w/ U Channel Binder


   US Filter w/ adhesive and U channel binder/riveted       Sweetland filter w/ adhesive and U channel binder                                                                                          w/ Mykro Pore electro-platted nickel cover

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