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  • OILFIELD DE FILTER PACKAGES: GFI oilfield skid filter packages feature high rate – high capacity filtering of completion fluid.  300 to 1300 sq. ft. units are constructed with stainless steel materials.  Package includes vertical pressure leaf filter, cartridge filter, blending tank and feed pump. VPL filter leaf septa is 24 x 110 plain Dutch weave wire mesh.


  •  INDUSTRIAL FILTERS: Horizontal filters with filter leaves of wire mesh or cloth covers for product
    or Precoat filtration. Sizes available 300 to 500 Sq. Ft.


  • CARTRIDGE FILTERS: Various size cartridges styles and sizes for low rate and high rate processes and low pressure or high pressure filtration. 





Greig Filters, Inc. has specialized in pressure leaf filters for numerous industries around the world.  New filter leaves for retrofit in common brand name filter, vertical or horizontal are built to the highest standards.

Repairs to common filter leaves are also performed in the shortest possible time and very cost effective. GFI has retrofitted many brands pressure leaf with the Heavy Duty channel/frame which greatly increases the strength and durability of the original filter leaf.




High and Low Pressure Cartridge Filters

Transfer Pumps

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